Preserve Small Colander Orange 1.5 qt

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Preserve Small Colander Orange 1.5 qt

Enjoy Preserve Small Colander - Orange - 1.5 qt every day at these amazing prices!

  •     Made in USA from 100% Recycled Materials Including Food Storage Containers
  •     One Day a Food Storage Container, The Next Day a Colander
  •     Nothing Wasted. Everything Gained.
  •     Preserve Plastic Saves Energy, Water and CO2
  •     BPA Free

Our Colanders feel different than other colanders: they're smooth yet easy to hold. Pick one up and you'll see. The smooth hole designs makes contents drain and empty quickly and efficiently. The dishwasher-safe, heavyweight plastic we use makes them practically indestructible and exceptionally long lasting. What's not to love?

The large, 3.5-quart size is great for draining large pots of pasta or washing a meals worth of vegetables. Rely on our 1.5-quart version for smaller jobs, and in the process you will use less soap and water.


  •     Powered by leftovers
  •     Easy-grip handles
  •     Fast draining
  •     Two convenient sizes
  •     Sturdy and durable
  •     Dishwasher safe
  • Brand: BAN
  • Product Code: ECW1211812
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $8.95

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